The Wiebner Puppy! Meet Angus :)

Monday, December 29, 2008 - Personal
So I know it has been incredibly long since we blogged - yeah like over 3 weeks! This has been the longest we have neglected our wonderful little blog. Accept our apologies please! We were super-slammed in the 2-3 weeks before Christmas - filling client orders and getting weddings edited for our clients. We are currently on Christmas break - spending some much needed time with our kids, but we wanted to get some photos up here! Joel took the Wiebner pup to the park today and got some great shots, so I thought it would be a good thing to have up here until we get back to the office next week. (We still have a TON of portrait sessions to blog and a wedding or two, so stay tuned!)

Anyway, meet Angus. :) He is a bouncy, hyper, talkative little 11 month old puppy we rescued from the shelter back at the beginning of November. There was much debate over his name - his shelter name was Scamp, which none of us really liked. Then for like a day, I had wanted to call him Wiley. (Cause he looks a LOT like Wile E Coyote, ya know?) But Joel didn't like it, and since the puppy was for him for his birthday, he ultimately won out and finally got to name someone in the family Angus. (He had tried to do this with both of the boys and I vetoed it both times! Angus for a son, really? Couldn't have it!) So I am ok with Angus the puppy. It has stuck now and he is full of good energy. He is a terrier mix - the vet thinks a schnauzer mixed with some kind of terrier. But he is the cutest thing! We love him to pieces and he is the perfect dog for our family - he doesn't shed, and is even starting to get along with the cats. ;) His only fault - and it's a big one - he barks his head off!!! Like all of the time and at everything! He gets super excited at everything and just barks, barks barks. We are working on it though, and are hoping he outgrows some of it as he gets older.

So enjoy the photos of the newest Wiebner - I gotta go eat dinner, I'm starvin!