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Well, Better Late than Never - Christmas

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - Personal
Well, its like the title says, "Better late than never..." With all of the craziness lately I just haven't gotten to spend much time working on personal photos. The holidays were nutty and we were running around everywhere - so I made sure to sit down over the weekend and go through these so I could share some fun moments from over the holidays.

Christmas isn't just one day for us - oh no - it is a week long experience. Joel has a very large extended family, so we travel for about a week over Christmas to make sure we get to visit everyone. Joel's Aunt from California and her boys were also in visiting, so there were also extra visits for them included in that we don't typically have. But listen to me, I sound like i don't like to visit family at Christmas! Sheesh! It's getting late. Anyway, here is a few highlights from the week-long, Wiebnerrific, Christmas bonanza!

The header image up top is one of my favorites - it's Joel's Aunt (the one from CA) and his grandfather sharing some photos on her camera. A cute little moment...

And below here, Haydn and Zane enjoyed their first day of opening presents the Saturday before Christmas at Joel's dad's house - here's the kiddos with Cindy.
The famous Annie trying to act like Christmas doesn't bother her - what you can't see is that she is already sportin' the Michigan jersey that we bought her for Christmas!
Too cool for presents, but oh how cute...
Annie was all over me while I was trying to help the boys with their gifts - doggone it! :)
Yeah...right...this is my husband. Joel is a bit of a goofball - this is him, trying, yes trying, to fit his dad's new motorcycle helmet on his big 6'6" head - let's just say the helmet and Joel didn't get along too well...
After the boys were finished attacking presents at Poppy's house (Joel's dad) - we went to the local fire company to visit Santa - Haydn was waaaaay too cool for Santa - here he is acting indifferent.
Our shy one, Zane just wanted to hide.
Joel looking dashing without the too small helmet. :)
There's that tongue! Zane is famous for these, and Joel grabbed this as he was getting in the car - what a stinker!
It was ff-rr-eez-ing! But the boys wanted to go outside and play with their new headlamps Poppy-Claus had gotten them.
Ah, and wrestle time with Poppy! What else could end this visit better?
On to Joel's mom's house, we spent the night there next and here she is making a sleeping "nest" for the boys and their cousin Victoria in her bedroom.
And the three Stooges.
Home for Christmas morning, the boys arrived downstairs to Santa Claus dumping his sack all over the room....
Zane is addicted to cars and I think he has like every Hotwheel and Matchbox ever made, for real!
Gretchen wanted to get in on the present action.
I love this shot of Joel and Haydn - Haydn actually picked this book out for Joel - he spied it when we were at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks earlier - I guess he is inheriting his mommy's amazing gift giving abilities! :)
The day after Christmas we were back up to Joel's grandfather's house (we had been there on Christmas Eve also) - to visit with his Aunt and cousins from out of town. Joel's Aunt Laurie had the idea to get out old slides and home movies, and boy what a treat! I felt like we were in a movie, watching all of these old photos - here's Joel's grandparents, his mom and his aunts form one of the cute!
Oh yeah! And Joel and his older brother Mark as kids, how absolutely adorable! Joel and Zane are dead ringers for each other!
And Joel sportin' the cheese. :)
Haydn, Zane and Joel's cousin Alex.
Haydn insisted on bringing his new iCoaster to show his "cousins"! They were helping him put it together most of the day.
Adam trying to get it to stay assembled.
There's that tongue again!
Adam and Joel figuring out the projector.
And you can't have home movies without some shadow puppets!
And the boys on the big screen
Zane was trying to do flips on Daniel.
And then Joel's brother and his fiance showed up and forget it! Zane and Haydn love Auntie Nicole!
Oh and now we have the super cheese - here are JOel and all of his cousins - there are only 2 missing.
And I know this isn't completely sharp but I just love it anyway, I spinned around and grabbed this as Joel's aunt and his grandfather were laughing at all of the kids.
Wow there we go. Only a few family members missing - most of the family was there!
Haydn and Nicole with super-dork smiles. Love ya Nicole! :)
And ending up the evening watch "Elf".
Somehow these got down here at the end, and frankly I am too tired to relink them up to the top. So anyway! This was the week before Christmas, and we went out with our friends the Murrays to HersheyPark's Christmas Candylane. It was soooooo cold!
You could really see your breath...Nate looks like a ghost or something here!
And rosy-cheekes Zane with Noah and Haydn!

We had a great Christmas, even though we didn't get to relax as much as we would have liked to! Thanks to all of our family for making it so special!
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