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Here a goat there a goat...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - Personal
Everywhere a goat goat! Nah, nah, nah! :) That's for Joel. Have you ever seen the Aflac commercials with the duck? One of those recent commercials has a goat trying to represent a knock off of an Aflac type place and the goat says, "Nah, nah, nah" and eats things. You had to see it to understand.

Anyway, Joel really likes goats - he wants to own some someday, along with a horse and some ducks and chickens! I swear we will need to have a farm when we retire. So I spurted all this out to tell you that we were at the farm the other week doing some fall stuff with the kids. It's Country Barn Farm Market and it's a farmtastic place! We go there every year with the kids. So I thought I would post some shots from our little afternoon excursion, before you thought we no longer had personal lives. September was wicked crazy, I don't even remember the month, that's how fast it went - but we DID get to do one or two things for ourselves that month. ;) And don't even get on my case about the vacation photos from August, it is just going to have to wait until this winter when it's cold and yucky outside - it will be nice to look at photos from California and the beach then, right?

Enough yakkin, check out the goats...

Haydn and Zane actually POSED for this shot and asked us to take their photo! Any other time I have to bribe them to take a shot like this, but they did it willingly this time, must have been the heat...
Zane likes tractors.
Did I mention the pig races!?
I loooved watching these goats, they were a source of entertainment for me and Joel for the afternoon while the kids ran around and played. Yeah, we don't need much to keep entertained.
The kids in the corn maize, which we didn't actually go through. Five seconds after I took this photo, Zane screamed he had to go to the bathroom, took off running, and that was the end of the corn maize. They forgot about it after the bathroom and went back to playing on the slide and the hay bales.
I love this.
And this, I see a striking resemblance.
And this was such a lucky shot - quick draw Rita to the rescue!
A poor Rooster that Zane had been terrorizing.
Ah, hot, sweaty stinky boys!
And there we are!
Ok, this wasn't the same day as the rest above, but I didn't want to have to put it in its own post. This was just about 2 weeks ago at Funk's in Millersville where we got our pumpkins this year. Zane made me take the photo! He said he wanted a picture taken in front of the pumpkins. Aspiring photographers? nah....
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