Wednesday, August 29, 2007 - Personal

So while away last week we were tagged by a bunch of photographers in a blog game. Basically you just need to divulge 8 things about yourself that someone may not know or might find interesting. So I am finally getting around to this and let's see where it goes...

1. Big secret #1 - I was 110-120 pounds up until I had kids. Then Haydn came along - I gained 50 pounds during that pregnancy - had Haydn, lost 30 and kept 20. Zane came? I gained another 50 pounds - afterwards, lost 20, kept 30. Yikes! I have since put on another 10 pounds as I really, really like to eat (especially fast food! I am a junkie can't help it!) - and we work so darn much I never exercise. Whew that was a hard one!

2. I didn't have MTV as a kid. Yes, a sin I know, but my parents never had cable, and I led a sheltered life. Joel always makes references to 80s hair bands, and I never know what he is talking about - he looks at me weird for a minute and then remembers that I was a deprived teenager.

3. I HATE to clean. I would rather be strapped to my desk working 24/7 rather than pick up a dust cloth or wash laundry. I totally abhor cleaning bathrooms or kitchens. The only thing I "kind of" like to do is vacuum.

4. I LOVE movies - watching them at home and going to the theater. Theater is the best though - we try to go once every week or two, although in the last month or so we haven't gone hardly at all as we have been so busy. But movies were another thing I was deprived with as a kid, I guess I am making up for lost time. In fact, we go so much, that our own kids are movie theater experts. They have been to the movies more than some adults I know.

5. I never went to school for photography. Ok I lie a bit - I took one semester at the Community College - that was 10 years ago - but have always, always loved it. Everything I know is self taught or has been acquired knowledge through Joel and workshops/seminars we have attended. The passion for it is what has driven me over the years.

6. To prove how weird we are, one of my first dates with Joel was taking photos at the local park, Long's Park for all ya Lancaster area folks. We brought Joel's Nikon N90, my Minolta X700 (yeah baby!), a videocamera -AND- Joel's Jack Russell Petey. We still like to bring lots of equipment along when we go out on simple outings. If you see a family at McDonald's with like 3 cameras, iPhone cameras and a videocamera, photographing every bit their child is eating - yeah, that's probably us. :)

7. Hmmm....ooh, a good one. I was a band geek in High School. I played the saxophone and was in Marching Band for all 4 years. All of my friends were band geeks too.

8. I never flew on an airplane until last year - DWF Vegas '06 was my first time flying on a plane!

Alrighty - the good, the bad and the ugly - you just saw it all. Let's see who I want to tag now...

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