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Wee'rreee baaack! Salton Sea - Rita's pics!

Saturday, August 4, 2007 - Personal

Wooo-hooo! We are back from a great vacation in sunny California - this was my first time there, and I couldn't get enough! i loved the weather, and seeing such a different landscape from our own was exciting and exhilarating to a photographer's eye! I will have much to blog over the next week from vacation, but we wanted to get these up right away. Joel and I took a mini-vacation day trip while on vacation - Joel's aunt (who lives in CA) kept the kids for us while we had a fun day out shooting with those cool kats and good friends of ours, Nate and Jaclyn from Image is Found. Nate had asked me where I wanted to go months ago, and I said without missing a beat - "Salton Sea!" I had seen some of the work he had done before and I was intrigued. We love old, rotten, decaying, peeling - stuff. Can't help it, just love the textures! Anyway, Joel explained more about Salton's history in his post below, but I just want to talk about the pix - onward!

Oh, and before I forget, I need to mention, how stinking hot it was! LITERALLY! It was 110 degrees, AND it stank so bad you could hardly stand it! Joel talks more about the stinky below, but I wanted to talk about the hot - it was pure California desert heat - as soon as you stepped out of the car you were instantly dripping in sweat. Nate was surprised at my heat tolerance, I kept on going the whole time we were out shooting (which was about 3 hours) - we would break in the car for a bit then go out and shoot, and I would always be the last one to the car. I couldn't help it, I love to take my time and shoot for me when I have the chance, even it it is 110 degrees!

First image here below was taken as I found it, I didn't arrange these little guys to look at each other - these were some of the dead smellies long dried out.

Some fresh smellies washing up on the shore.

And a wide shot to show them coming out of the sea.

An old Motel long vacant and abandoned.

Love this little shack.

Smooth as butta! (That one's for you Aunt Laurie!) These were sticking up out of the sea and the surface was as smooth as glass. Just amazing!

I love this shot of Nate and Joel staring out into the abyss.

Found some used Military Smoke bombs on the ground - manufactured in Roswell NM - hmmm......

This was an area that the sea had flooded, left behind was a mucky, muddy, salty mess full of cars, trailers, furniture, etc.

An old bathtub

And a trailer left to rot.

Pretty self-explanatory

Love this landscape - Joel and I got out of the car and trekked across desert to get this shot.

Back at the buildings, a shadow shot of Joel, Nate and Jaclyn.

Love, love this shot too! I have too many favorites! This I snagged in a split second as Nate walked out the door.

Beauty amongst the ruins, I love the contrast of the bright flowers against the rubble and boarded up building in the background.

This is my favorite image of the whole day.

An old boxspring laid to rest in the pool.

A shadowy self-portrait

And a wide shot of the back of the hotel and it's pool. Yep, that's a flock of birds flying up in the sky. Thanks for looking, everyone! Joel's got more fun below.

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