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The Salton Sea, Joel's pics

Saturday, August 4, 2007 - Personal

Apparently, about a hundred years ago the Colorado River ran off course for about two years, and the overflow created this salty lake in the middle of the desert. The place was nice for a while, and people enjoyed going there. Now? Not so much. Farm run off and other issues have killed most of the fish in the lake, and made for a pretty nasty environment. In fact, I am trying very hard to keep my language clean as I describe the hot rancid wiff of eggs that hits you in the face with every passing breeze.

Other than that, we had a blast! Nate and Jaclyn of The Image Is Found Photography met us in Rancho Mirage to show us around a bit. I guess it was kinda like a photo field trip from our normal subject. I'm going to stop yapping now, and show you some pics. Rita will probably have more to say when she posts her images, but for now...

Kinda makes you go, Whoa baby, just looking huh?

A sign.

Looks a little like the shower head in my college house bathroom.

12 dead Tilapia.

110 degrees, and humid, but my gel is a'holdin.

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