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A Dutch Wonder-ful Day!

Monday, July 9, 2007 - Personal
Yes, that is how corny my family is. As if we didn't have enough going on this week, we managed to also get the kids to Dutch Wonderland. And what exactly is this magnificent place? Is it a place where they serve you shoe-fly pie, and make you ride around in a horse and buggy? Not at all! Although we are in "Amish Country" not everything has to be themed so. Dutch Wonderland isn't really that Dutchy. They have a ton of kiddie rides, waterpark, food, etc. Kind of like Hershey Park, just scaled down a lot, and definitely oriented towards young families. The kids love it though. They have been bugging us all summer so far to go there, and I am glad we had the chance to finally go. I went every summer as a kid, and boy does it bring back memories!

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite photos of the boys - like ever! This is totally the two of them wrapped up in one photo - the personality expressed is dead on!
Zane looks like, well, like the kid from Mad Magazine in this photo! It is SOOO hilarious! Zane LOVES the Statue of Liberr-yy (that's how he says it) - ever since seeing it in the movie Ghostbusters. So when we found a replica Statue of Liberty at good ole' Dutch Wonderland, he insisted on us taking a photo of him in front of it.
And of course, not to be outdone, Joel needed to put his two cents in...
A little shaky, but hey, these are with the point and shoot! Got the munchkins flying through the air on the swings. Zane has this thing lately with constantly telling me he loves me - while soaring through the air, every time he would pass where I was standing at he would shout, "Momma, I love you!" - but he was saying it as if he would never come down! Like he was going to fall out of the swing or something - poor little guy!
They loved the hand powered trains.
Ah yes, it wouldn't be dutchy if we didn't have our pit-cher takin in front of a cow!
A long day of fun overwith, they were still smiling as we left, so I guess it was a good day!
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