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Zane's Party

Monday, June 11, 2007 - Personal
A few quick pics from Zane's 4th birthday party yesterday. We decided to have just a small party this year, as we have done huge blow-out bashes every year so far. I told him he could invite 2 friends over, and they came as well as grandparents. Very small, very calm, very non-chaotic!

Zane and Haydn with Zane's friends - they are superheroes in the making!
Zane was SOOO excited about the Spiderman gummy candy that was taped inside this birthday card! He couldn't wait to eat it!
Joel trying to figure out how one of the toys works - without reading the instructions of course!
For some reason Zane thought he would need to stick his fingers up his nose while everyone was singing Happy Birthday - nice Zane!
And....blowing out the candles....
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