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Indian Echo Caverns

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 - Personal
Sunday we had the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous weather with our boys on a much needed day off. We wanted to do something outside, and had debated about going to the Philadelphia Zoo, but then decided we didn't want to drive so far, and ended up going to Indian Echo Caverns. I think I was there as a child, but I don't remember. Joel and the boys had definitely never been there, so they were excited. The boys were pumped up to look for "gems" and "jewels" and "ghosts" in the cave - they get some crazy ideas (too much Scooby Doo!)

Check out some of the photos, we had a great time exploring. Oh, and another big exciting milestone for Haydn - he was given his own camera for the day (just a small point and shoot) - and he shared it with Zane. Haydn took most of the photos, and he did a great job! We are so proud. For a 5 year old, he has a pretty good eye! Linked here is Haydn's very first slideshow, of his images that he took on Sunday - you will here Joel and Haydn talking during the slideshow - Haydn is giving some commentary on what he was thinking and/or why he took the photo. It is too cute to miss!

Check Out Haydn's Photos and Slideshow HERE!!
If you read our blog you know we have a fondness for signs with part of the word missing - Joel liked this one - he thought it sounded like someone was yelling at Dan to keep off the wall. Who's Dan?
Shadow of Haydn swinging in the mulch of the playground.
Zane was going down this old metal slide backwards, and it was so bright and sunny - the sun was reflecting off of the sliding board and blinding him - Joel grabbed this shot at the perfect moment - Zaney is so funny!
Inside the entrance to the cave
Our tour guide pointing out something with his trusty flashlight.
Oh yeah, he was pointing out the bat on the wall. If you can see that little brown speck, that is a bat sleeping. They were very small bats, if I were to hold one it would fit in my hand.
This is where a glacier dumped a bunch of mud/sediment/rock, and closed up one area of the cave. They believe on the other side of this wall there are football field sized rooms, but the cost to open it up would be pretty high, so they are leaving it as is. That would be so cool to get in there and explore!
One of the underground lakes - Crystal Lake. The water is gorgeous and clear.
At the end of the tour - that's all of us leaving that were in the group and our tour guide finishing up his tour.

It was a LOT of fun! The tour last about an hour, and the kids enjoyed it. Definitely a worthwhile trip!
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