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The Easter Tour - Part Deux

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - Personal
Saturday night we spent the evening at Joel's dad's house, and stayed there overnight into the morning. Easter morning was fun, especially to wake up and see snow covering the ground! The boys tore into their Easter baskets, we had lunch and then a QUICK Easter Egg hunt in Poppy's backyard in the afternoon. Brrrr!

-Zane in the basement looking for his Easter basket - we had to send them on a wild goose chase looking for their baskets so we could get everything ready.
Haydn and Cindy when they first saw all of the baskets - I love Cindy's reaction.
Wowsa! Those are some big Easter baskets - courtesy of Poppy.
Awww......the famous Annie and mommy Cindy.
It's not Easter without Peeps brand marshmallows!
Nostalgic childhood playthings - capsules filled with foam objects that expand and "magically" appear when you put them in hot water.
Basket full of DINOSAURS!!
So here we go, believe it or not, this was taken by Haydn!
So was this one!!
And this one too! He is so good - we might have to bring him on as a third shooter.....hehe......
And now, on to the Hunt!
Have to end the visit with a tickle fest!
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