THE Next Top Model

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - Personal
As many of you know, Easter weekend was cold, blustery and even snowy at some times. That did not deter our children. Especially our oldest, Haydn. Our first stop on the Easter Tour was at my parent's house, and they live "out in the country". The kids always love running around outside, and Saturday was no exception. Zane didn't last long, so I took him inside to get him warmed up. What I didn't know, was that outside, Haydn and Joel were doing a little "photoshoot" - Joel said it was all Haydn's idea, he wanted to run around to different spots and take some "cool" pictures. Joel said ALL of the poses were Haydn's idea, and he didn't tell him to do anything! SOOOO, I guess we have a superstar on our hands!! These are a handful of the images that Joel took...


PS. Another really awesome thing that Haydn did this weekend, that I am SO proud of, was also taking his own photos. He has used the camera before, and is a master of a point and shoot, but we haven't let him play much with any of our "good" cameras. Saturday he wanted to use it, so I handed it over - low and behold, he knows what he is doing - totally! We put it on the fool proof mode (little green square!) - and let him go at it, but he framed all of the image perfectly, held the camera the right way (with his hand under the lens!) and even turned the camera to do vertical shots, which we were so proud of! He is a little prodigy! I will have some of his photos coming up in further Easter posts, so stay tuned! We are proud parents!