A Day of Recuperating - and off to the movies!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 - Personal
Ah, good to be home - Saturday was spent recuperating from the long, sleepless week in Vegas. So what better to do, than take the kids to the movies! For anyone that knows us well, you know we are movie freaks. We got at least several times a month, sometimes once a week if there is a lot of good stuff out. Saturday, we took the boys to see the new Disney movie, Meet the Robinsons - in 3D! I didn't know how they would fare, having to wear the glasses the whole movie, but once it started they were totally into it. Haydn kept his on the entire time, and Zane only got sick of his towards the end!

So of course I had the point and shoot in my purse and busted it out - had to get some shots of the Wiebners doing 3D!

Wow! Haydn in 3D!