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Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - Personal
So we spent New Year's for the first time ever away from home. On the 31st, we headed down to Virginia to visit the Regeti family - fellow photographers that we met back in March in Las Vegas at the convention we attended. They are also a husband and wife team, and own Regeti's Photography in Warrentown, VA. We had intended to only stay for New Year's Eve, and head home on the 1st, but we just had so much fun hanging out that we stayed an extra night and ended up coming home on the 2nd. Amy and Srinu have 4 kids, and we have 2, so they all played together and became fast friends. It was so great to be able to relax, talk and have fun with two other people that are in a very similar situation as us.

We started out on New Year's Eve, talking and letting the kids play - then did some fireworks that evening. The kids got off to bed pretty late, but certainly didn't make it until midnight. Amy, Srinu, Joel and I all ended up staying up until like 3 AM just talking! The next day we all were lazy and stayed in jammies until like the afternoon and then got showered and headed to downtown Warrenton. We made a stop at McDonald's first to feed the pack of kids, and boy, 6 kids in McDonald's is something else! Amy and Srinu took us to their gorgeous studio, and we oohed and aahed over the space, as we don't have one of our own yet. That evening was topped off with sparklers for the kids, and early to bed for them - then Amy made us a delicious Indian meal - my first, and it was YUMMY! We stayed up and watched a movie and I conked out at like 2:30 AM, I was pooped!

The next day was going home day, and we couldn't leave without making them some good old fashioned PA Dutch food, so we made them Pork and Sauerkraut, a New Year's tradition - and since Srinu doesn't eat pork, he had hot dogs and mashed potatoes! We played a bit with their newest addition, which was a rabbit they had bought at Thanksgiving - it was supposed to be a male, turned out it was a pregnant female and had 6 cute little bunnies at the Regeti house!!

Goodbyes were sad, as we had a great time, but we know we will be back again and we will be seeing Amy and Srinu in Las Vegas again this March when we go for the DWF and WPPI conventions. Hope everyone had as great of a New Year's as we did!!


Below, just a handful of the hundreds of great shots we got while there. Make sure to check out the slideshow for some more! (It will be posted sometime today!)
At McDonald's all of the adults dumped our fries out on the tray together - this is Srinu peaking out from behind the mountain of fries!!
Amy and Srinu wanted us to take a portrait of them to use for their web site, so here ya go!
The whole crew!
Wiebner and Regeti kids!
Playing with the sparklers...
Ah, my first Indian food! So delish....
This is one of my favorite pix from the trip (sorry Srinu!) but it is too funny!!! Perfect timing on my part!
And the 6 baby bunnies.
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