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Lots of Christmas! - Part 1

Friday, January 5, 2007 - Personal
Who says Christmas is only one day of the year? Well, we are back and we have a ton of photos from Christmas and New Years to show, so here goes! Our Christmas was a 4 day event this year - it usually is, since we have so much family we need to go visit. We started on Friday, Dec.22nd at my parents house, and finished up at home on Christmas Day. The boys had a great time, and it was nice to take some time and relax with our families. So without further delay, on to the pictures!


First pic heres is our dog Petey, who lives in retirement with my parents - but he LOVES to open presents! He was attacking the kids presents and ripping them open before they could even touch them. I finally had to give him his present so he would leave everyone else's alone!
My 3 handsome boys goofing off at my parent's house.
My mom got the boys iDogs for Christmas (under Santa Mommy's recommendation of course!) and they loved them! Here they are with her right before we left my parent's house.
2nd stop was Poppy's (Joel's dad) house! Here him and Cindy are watching Haydn protesting about something or other.
Santa Poppy got some dress up outfits for the boys for Christmas. Here they are modeling them - Haydn is Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Zane is well, Superman of course!
So can you guess who this is? Well, me of course! I was playing around with a toy the boys got called Mega Mask - it's really fun - you can put different pieces on it to make different faces and then it also has a voice changer piece at the mouth - I love toys!
Oh, and the famous Annie had to make an appearance - she looks like the loneliest little pup here doesn't she? I think she got more toys though for Christmas than the boys did!
Cindy in charge of the videocamera, laughing at the goofballs.
Okay, so I know this isn't perfectly in focus, but it happened so quick I barely got it. It was just too funny not to blog. We got Joel's dad a new dustbuster, and he acted as if he was going to get Zane with it - Zane ran and started screaming! It was too funny!
Haydn playing Speed Stacks, a game he got.
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