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Lots of Christmas! - Part 2

Friday, January 5, 2007 - Personal
Handsome Haydn
Ah, yes, this would be my husband - I hate to admit it - but here he is in all his crazy glory. The boys got some kind of weird squishy things, and Joel decided he would wear one on his head and face - so there ya go!
Another fun present, Poppy also got the boys Air Hogs rockets - which you have to step on them to launch them, here is Poppy going at it with both of them.
And Haydn took over with his and is ready to launch it, and you can see Annie coming up behind him to tell him to stop jumping!
Another cute one of Annie - those ears!!
On to Nanny's house (Joel's mom) - this was breakfast Sunday morning, and Haydn ALWAYS says prayer for everyone - here is a cute shot of him doing just that.
Oh my two cute little boys!
Nanny's Christmas tree and explosion of presents in the living room - thanks to my boys.
Joel being himself.
Zane, looking oddly like his father in the last shot.
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