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Lots of Christmas! - Part 3

Friday, January 5, 2007 - Personal
Some wrestling fun before present opening.
And playing chase too - under the dining room table.
Joel's grandma opening a gift.
Ah finally - the boys begged and pested all morning to open gifts - finally the prize at the end of the wait! Santa Nanny got them a race car track.
Joel's younger brother hamming it up.
A meeting of the minds, or should I say noses! Some of the family dogs getting a good close look at each other.
Zane eyeing up a caramel lollipop.
More goofing off of these three - can you see why I have to be the one to take all of the family pictures? Joel is just too funny!
Zane and Haydn playing with their race car track.
After Nanny's we went to visit Joel's aunt on Christmas Eve, which is a tradition - she has anyone and everyone over and we eat, drink and be merry! This brings back memories of years ago - Joel's brother and his cousin playing guitar - they are both in a band together.
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