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Summer Fashion Shoot - Susquehanna Style Magazine

Monday, May 2, 2011 - News
Yeehaw! We have been keeping this under wraps for nearly 7 weeks, and we can finally share it with you! We were approached by Susquehanna Style about 2 months ago to see if we would be interested in shooting their May/June issue summer fashion shoot. Uh, yeah? Of course! They had the idea to do a fun, bright and bold summer lawn games type of shoot, and thought of our hand-painted cloud background we have in our old studio.

We had such a blast doing this and think it turned out really spectacular. Here are all of the pages (and front cover!) that our images were on in the magazine. It is on newsstands now - go get a copy!

It is always super cool to see your image on the cover of a magazine! :) This is the 3rd time we have had an image on the front cover of this magazine in recent years.
The opening spread to the fashion layout...
...and the individual pages so you can see them better.
This is my favorite shot from the day :)
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