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Jen & Jim in Susquehanna Style Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011 - News
Sorry I didn't get this one up last week, but I had to track a copy of it down this weekend. They were sold out at Barnes & Noble, so Saturday when we went for my birthday dinner at Olive Garden, I popped into Borders and found it there. I am sure you recall Jen & Jim's huge blowout wedding, from back in October. Who could forget! It was the huge one in Hershey, with the awesome afterparty, amazing lighting, etc. etc. We were so happy it was picked for Susquehanna Style's winter issue! This is our 5th year running that one of our weddings has been included in the magazine!

Below is the cover, not our image, but just the cover of the magazine.
One of our images gracing the wedding section title page.
Jen & Jim's feature!
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