Studio/Office Closed: August 13th - 24th

Thursday, August 12, 2010 - News
Hi Everyone! So let me tell you its been a crazy week and a half. I was in the hospital last week for blood tests, CT scan, etc. Wasn't fun. I know what's wrong with me now and am on the way to recovery. The boys were also sick with some mysterious high fever/sever headache/sore throat combination for several days. And of course work goes on and weddings continue and that brings us to here!

We will be closed for the above dates - tomorrow we won't be in the office for prep for our trip(s). Saturday we have a wedding with Emily and Jeremy in Hershey. Sunday and Monday we will be in NYC for business, then Tuesday the 17th through Monday the 23rd we will be in Canada for vacation. The 24th is recuperation and unpacking day. We will be back in the office on August 25th. I am not sure how our cell and internet connections/availability will be while we are gone, so we most likely won't be able to return any messages or voicemails until we return to the office on the 25th. Summer is winding down and soon school will be starting back up! We are hoping to enjoy some relaxation with our boys and close friends this next week. Talk to you all soon!