We need YOUR kids - for a FREE session!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - News
Are you sitting down? Well, yeah, of course you are, because you are reading this on your computer. Unless you are at one of those hip coffee shops that has a free internet computer with no chair to make sure people don't camp out there trying to buy retro Air Jordan's on ebay and in a bid war with someone from Thailand just because they have the original laces! I digress. We're announcing something today that is completely new and like nothing we have ever done before, ever. Topping the whole thing off with the best possible offer. Free. Yeah, Free. I should probably tell you what it is that is free before I get you all excited about the fact that it is free. Well here it is....

Announcing the Teen Weeny Wiebs! It's a mouthful, so you can shorten it if you want, just don't drop the Teeny part.

Teeny Weeny Wiebs will be short 15-20 minute sessions with a theme. The theme will be new each month, and we're going to try to make it seasonal. The session will be for one child at a time with no age restrictions. Our favorite images will then be printed and displayed on First Friday each month, so you can come out and enjoy all of the events downtown while seeing the photos.

I am sure you are still trying to picture this crazy idea, so I will give you the details of the first shoot...

This month we are planning to hang out the laundry. Yep, we have tons and tons of laundry to get done, and we need your kids help. The way we do laundry is a lot more fun though. Think bubbles, blue skies, and clothes pins. We need volunteers for this first Teeny Weeny Wiebs shoot, and it's a big one! This is our first shoot at the new studio, and we really want it to be fun and exciting. After the shoot we will select our faves, print them and hang them for First Friday, June 5th (our Open House/Grand Opening). Our guests will vote for their favorite image, and whoever wins gets the print free!

Oooh, I forgot to mention the voting! When we hang the prints we plan on placing a small donation jar under each one. As people come in and view the prints they will vote for their favorite one with donations. The print that collects the most money wins. The donations will then be given to a different charity each month. We think this is a great way to use our art to support a good cause.

I am sure that you are as excited as we are about this idea, so please contact us as soon as you can. This first shoot will be happening next week, so if you want to be involved send us an EMAIL now! I know the spots will fill up quick.

Oh, and did I mention that it's FREE!