Oh yeah! More excitement! A new Wiebner BLOG!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - News
Whelp, its been a long time coming. Nearly 2 years we had our first blog - that was designed by our good friend Brock Martin. But this time around - whoooeeee - we got some fancy bells and whistles. We brainstormed back and forth for a couple of months about different ideas, and the end product is what you are looking at now. Take a look, take a gander - ooh and ahh - you know you want to. We are completely tickled pink with it!

Some brand spanky new features -

- Comments can be made for each post - please let us know what you think of the images! If you don't want to comment on the images, comment on my corny humor! :) There is a bar meter under each comment section and it goes up as comments are made. Once it reaches a certain number, it is automatically logged up in Favorites as a favorite post.

- Navigation tab system at the top of the page - this is your base to find out whatever you want to about us. You can look at Favorites, you can find out where we are speaking at, you can read about us and do searches. The tabs will automatically be open to the Favorites tab for awhile until y'all get used to using that feature.

- Favorites! What's that? I wrote more up on the Favorites tab about the what and how and stuff - basically its just something fun! Vote for your favorite images on the blog and see if they make it to the top rankings - we want to see what images you guys love! And what posts are your faves!

- Header - The header image will be different for each post, so that we constantly have a fresh header image for you guys to look at. Just another perk. As well as you will be able to see either Joel's or my own ugly mug at the top of each post letting you know who the author was. Let's see if we can guilt Joel in to posting more!

AND - ONE LAST THING - the hugest of huge "Thank Yous!" to Brock Martin and Dave Warfel of Infinet Design - who spent tireless hours on making this all work. You will never find a better group of guys to work with - honest, sincere, and extremely customer service oriented. They are the dream team behind the scenes!

I *think* that is everything new and fruity and yummy. Let us know what you think! Do you love it!? I do!