Don't worry - we are still here :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008 - News
No we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. No we aren't hiding under a rock. And NO we aren't forgetting about all of you lovely people out there! :)

I realized today I haven't blogged in almost a month - a freaking month! That is absolutely ridiculous. Let me recap the last few weeks so you don't think we are avoiding everyone...

Dec. 20th we left for family Christmas obligations which lasted until December 27th - we then had a wedding on December 28th, had two days to get a butt load of work done, then a New Year's Eve wedding on December 31st. New Year's Day was spent with family then Jan. 2nd it was a flurry and scurry to get last minute things done and packed - as we flew south like a bird for a week in Tampa, FL for the annual DWF photography convention. We JUST returned home yesterday! We have a TON to blog from all of that - many, many photos - but I think the photo below describes the last few weeks that has been our life, especially this past week! (That's my photographer friend, Jason Domingues during karaoke at the convention.)

And don't worry - to come we have all of the yummalicious photos from the last several weeks, plus a new blog coming, the announcement of our workshop and many other enticing, juicy things! Don't give up on us yet, it's getting good!

- Thinking of you all - Rita