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Trash the Dress site nears 1 Million mark!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 - News
Trash the Dress is just about ready to hit it's 1 millionth visitor mark. How absolutely exciting. In just about a year, this site has taken creative wedding photography to a new level, and Joel and I have been proud to be a part of it. The whole concept is really about creation, not destruction - about freeing the minds of our clients to "think outside of the box" and to just have fun. Mark Eric, the owner of the site, and a person I am happy to call a friend, states it best on his latest post on the site.

"Now, as digital photography allows photographers to be as creative as they want, without the limiting expenses of film, wedding photography has evolved beyond “traditionalism” and “photojournalism”. Photographers not only capture, but they also create. They create environments and scenes that best portray their client’s personality- in addition to capturing the emotion of their special day. Modern creative photography is the choice now. Photographers don’t have to live under labels of “photojournalist” or “traditionalists” any longer. Brides don’t have to be boxed in to a specific style with their photographer. Welcome to the age of Modern Creative Photography."

-Mark Eric

Thanks to Mark for helping to forge a new path and direction in wedding photography. Congrats on the millionth mark!

Here are some of our favorite images that have been featured on Trash the Dress in the last year:
We love ya Mark! Congrats and looking forward to the next million!!
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