We're Back - AGAIN! Some good stuff is a'comin!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 - News
Well we are finally done with our travels for the summer, and we have a lot of great images to share! I haven't had the time to post much personal stuff in the last month or so, but I have a TON I am working on, so stay tuned over the next week or two to read all the gossip on what the Wiebs have been up to! We also have a lot of exciting weddings coming up this fall - also, if you try and contact us during the month of September, please have patience and be kind to us. We have 10 weddings this crazy month, so we will probably be pulling our hair out! Totally just kidding, but I am sure we will be swamped, so please bear with us!

Woot woot! i am so excited to share some of our recent great images with you all - STAY TUNED! And just to keep you interested, here is a sneak peek from our trip to California...