Brina & Kevin's Snow-Filled Baltimore Engagement Session

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - Engagements

Gah! What's more fun than shooting an entire engagement session in a blizzard?!? Ok, well JOEL would think that, but for me who loves the warmer weather, I could think of a few more things that could be better. :) But at least Brina and Kevin were up for it! We knew snow was expected for the day of their engagement session in Baltimore, but it was still at only 50% chance that day. And on the way to Baltimore there was nothing. We pull up to Brina and Kevin's house and it literally starts snowing as we get out of the car! What are the chances? It snowed like gangbusters for their entire session and when we got back to their house at the end, it stopped snowing. How crazy! But luckily Brina and Kevin were cool with it and we got some great shots of them enjoying the snow. They sure were troopers!