Laura & Steve's Engagement Session in Downtown Philadelphia

Friday, September 14, 2012 - Engagements

August 20th we headed to Philadelphia again to photograph Laura & Steve's engagement session. They had their first date at the Kimmel Center, and a nearby restaurant, so we hit those spots. It was cool hearing their first date story! And we were in the Kimmel Center during the day, when it was totally dead. We were photographing Laura waiting for Steve, and some random passerby was like, "Is she an actress?" It was funny, c there was some kind of film or movie or music crew or something, taking up all of the alley and street parking surrounding the Kimmel Center.

After the Kimmel Center we walked out onto Broad Street and did the classic center of Broad with City Hall in the background shot. We walked up the street a bit and then circled down to this cute little side street where they had their first date dinner. The restaurant has changed hands since then, but we still took some photos on the front stoop. And! The cute little store next door. That was a great find!

Looking forward to this wedding in October!