Kate & Sean's Engagement session Snuzzling Around Downtown Lancaster

Thursday, July 12, 2012 - Engagements

Kate and Sean are on the ball! Their wedding is next July, but they are getting the plans made and out of the way, so they can enjoy their engagement! Kate used to work for LCCF, and Joel did some commercial shoots with her in the past. When she got engaged, she came right to us! Sweet! She had lived in Lancaster for several years, so she wanted to have some of the Lancaster Downtown vibe captured in her engagement session. We walked and talked, and talked and talked! We had a lot to talk about with Kate and Sean, it seems we hit it off wonderfully. Always a great thing with our couples! But Sean and Kate have been together for a long time, so all of this kissy kissy and huggy huggy and snuzzle snuzzle (that's my made up word - snuggle + nuzzle = snuzzle, and yes, I used it at the session) - was old news. We had to make sure they were showing how much they loved each other! But for real, they are totally in love and had a great time with us and us with them. Check it out!