Jessica & Justin - A Springy Downtown Lancaster Engagement Session

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - Engagements

Jessica & Justin came into town on Saturday from West Chester to meet with us about their wedding next May. They also wanted to have some engagement photos taken while they were in town to meet with us, so we meandered around downtown Lancaster. I am always surprised at how many people do not know about our great downtown. Lancaster isn't just for Amish people! We love our thriving downtown area and try to show it off as much as we can. Jess and Justin were pleasantly surprised at all of the cool stuff we had to offer.

Spring is especially such a lovely time here, as there are so many beautiful trees in bloom. Jess had wanted to get some of that great spring look in her photos, as well as some cool textures and backgrounds. We know where all of the great spots are for that! The great thing about doing a session on the weekend, is that we can use a lot of the parking lots, alleys and office type buildings for shots because there aren't any peeps around to get in our way. Jess and Justin were easygoing and relaxed and open to anything we were willing to do. We even had them sit on a totally uncomfortable guardrail at the library and they did it without complaining. :)

We hope we get to work with you guys at your wedding next year! You were both so much fun!