A special session, Gabi and Danielle - Engaged!

Friday, December 10, 2010 - Engagements

So I bumped this session up in front of a bunch of others, sorry for those of you waiting for your stuff to hit the blog. I think you will forgive us after you read ahead. So, who are Gabi and Danielle and why is their session so special? Well, its not every day that a family member gets engaged. :) Gabi is Joel's oldest cousin out of his California cousins, and he proposed to his fiance Danielle the week of Thanksgiving. We took a trip to NYC that following weekend with the kids and photographed their very freshly engaged, engagement session! It was cold, but the light sneaking around in Central Park was worth some cold fingers. They are both so photogenic, we couldn't get a bad shot if we tried! :) Congratulations you two, so glad we were the lucky ones to be a part of it!