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Samantha & Tyler in another downtown Lancaster Engagement Session

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - Engagements
Sam and Tyler are both photographers who are getting married! Yippee! We actually have never had wedding clients that are both photographers, so this is a first for us. Sam was a little shy being on the other side of the camera at first, but Tyler was totally up for anything! We did one of our favorite things, walk around Lancaster - in a different direction of course. We found more great spots to shoot at, and couldn't help but have a wonderful time with these two.

One of the early shots in the session, Sam was still trying to get over a little bit of the camera shyness. Trust me, it's totally different being on the other side of the camera!
We borrowed the barber pole at the corner of Segro's, for a little self portrait with our couple. :)
Loved this little nook.
I think the differences in the brick are really cool in this shot, plus Sam and Tyler were having fun with some nose squooshing.
Boarded up warehouses and factories are always fun!
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