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Alissa & Brian - Spring in Central Park!

Thursday, April 23, 2009 - Engagements
April 5th we headed up early to New York City for Alissa and Brian's engagement session. It was a great time to be in NYC! We scheduled the session early (10 AM) for that Sunday, and I was glad we did. We didn't hardly hit any traffic getting into the city and the city itself was not very busy with traffic. What a pleasure! We were even early to the shoot, which NEVER happens when we have to drive 3 hours! Something always ends up coming up, but not this time. Joel and I sat on a bench at the entrance to Central Park off of 5th avenue and waited for Alissa and Brian. Alissa had booked us last year via email, so this was our first time meeting these two. We were excited to walk around with them, enjoy the morning and get to know them both better. We ended up talking about movies a lot, which Alissa and I have some similar tastes (go Twilight!) and about their relationship, living in New York and so forth. Brian proposed in Central Park, so it is special to them both. We even went to the exact spot that he proposed, only to find some sketch comedy performers doing a show. It was quite entertaining!

It was all about the snuggling with these two and little giggles, which we captured a lot of. They were very into cozying up, and it worked perfectly in front of our cameras! We are so excited to head back up there in October for their wedding!

As a side note, I was a bit worried about how my images for this shoot would turn out. I had not been feeling well all weekend, and the next morning - Monday, I actually was in the ER for kidney stones! Some of you may have seen that through my Twitter and Facebook updates. Being the professionals we are, I grinned and bared it through the uncomfortableness and got some pretty rad shots of these two. I was quite pleased with myself! Enjoy the photos!
Only Joel - I am so envious of his height perspective sometimes. :)
The "Spot" - where Brian proposed. On the other side of the fountain is where the comedians were performing. They had quite a crowd drawn!
The giggles over their engagement story. :)
Totally my favorite shot of the day and I was thrilled when I saw this light. How totally awesome is this?
Joel's take from the front.
Soft and serious one moment...
...and exploding with giggles the next. I have more in this series, but these 2 were my faves.
Lots of kissing going on!
Another one of my favorites!
Joel grabbed this wicked shot of their shoes, with a NYC cab driving down below on the highway. Alissa had a hard time convincing Brian to wear decent shoes (other than sneaks!) for the shoot, so she wanted to remember it! :)
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