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Brad & Christina walkin' around downtown

Monday, March 9, 2009 - Engagements
I feel so bad for our recent engagement couples. It's been COLD. Well, not so much this week, but pretty much all winter so far. Christina and Brad were in town a few weeks back to take a walk with us, and it turned out to be one of those cold, windy days.

We walked a few blocks around Lancaster trying to avoid the wind as much as we could. They say Queen St. is the coldest, windiest street in town, and I'm not arguing. Walking up Queen St. we found a few storefronts to duck into to escape the weather. It just so happens that we have shop windows on the brain lately, but that's for another exciting blog post (we're trying to keep a secret about some awesome Wiebner news :) ).

Anyway, Brad and Christina fit right in walking around our little city, and as you know we are always willing tour guides. Our stroll with them was a hoot, and I hope you agree. Take a look and let me know what you think.
What a cool green wall! I can't believe we've never seen this before. This shot makes me think of a watercolor painting, so cool.
Aw, nice puss cat :) She was sleeping in a shop window on the coolest block of Queen Street.
Much kissing at this session. It helps to keep the lips warm for smilin'.
Blue, blue, blue! Look at Christina's eyes. No Photoshop trickery there :)
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