Lindsey and Brad and the cccooooolldd day!

Friday, March 6, 2009 - Engagements
Back at the end of January we FINALLY were able to hook up with Lindsey and Brad to photograph their engagement session. We have known Lindsey for quite some time - she runs all of the events for Hamilton Events and we have done receptions at the Hamilton Ballroom for a few years now. Lindsey is always so fun and nice to talk to! When she first contacted us about getting engaged to Brad, she was super excited because she finally had a good reason to get photographed by us! She is so sweet!

After a few cancellations due the pesky winter weather, we were finally able to get together with Lindsey and Brad to have some fun. It was still terribly cold out, but they were troopers and braved the icy winds and even a near disaster in a creek! Lindsey knew of a great place to have their session at, Historic Pool Forge, which is up above Ephrata. We certainly had the place all to ourselves on that day.

Some warming up was done, and then we got a little braver with their shoot. There was a creek on the property, and it had a tiny little island in it. Joel thought it would be cool to get some shots of them OUT on the island. So he asked Brad and Lindsey to jump over to the island, sure no problem! Actually they both did it without complaining and we did get some pretty darn rad shots from it. We kept them out on the island a little while and then getting them back over was the fun part! They had to hop across rocks and risk almost falling in to get back to "shore". :)

The shoot ended with the two of them sitting in a flower pot, and doing squats in front of a house made for really, really short people. :) Yeah it was fun. Just take a look below.