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Alisa and Kevin Enjoying Some Hershey Kisses

Friday, August 1, 2008 - Engagements
Alisa and Kevin are infectious. No, not really, but their attitudes are. When we first met with them, I think we spent nearly 3 hours talking - and most of it was not about our photos. We talked about everything - from their entire history together to our history together, to things we both like. It all just clicked. We love when that happens. We were so thrilled when they decided to come down from Connecticut for an engagement session. We knew we would have a great time, and we certainly did! These two will be married later this month in Lancaster County, but for their engagement shots, they wanted to explore the Hotel Hershey. We always love returning to this venue, and it was actually the first time we had done an engagement session there. We were able to explore a bit more than we typically can on a wedding date, which proved to find some interesting new spots on the property.

Alisa is the kind of gal, that just radiates. She has a smile and laugh that are unmatched, and even if you are in the worst mood of your life, you can't help but smile when you are around her. She just has "it". Kevin is a super, super nice and polite guy - although he is a bit more reserved, Alisa definitely can bring out his fun side. We had Kevin playing along and having a good time in no time, and we even got some kisses out of him! Oh no, not us, Alisa did! Apparently Kevin isn't much for PDA, so Alisa was in heaven with all of the public "kisses" she was getting! Kevin retaliated though and said that she has cashed in on her allotment for the next 20 years! :)

All joking aside, we had a wonderful (although very hot) time tromping around the unchartered terrority at the Hotel. Just see all of the fun we had!
We always love these bushes, and come up with new ways to use them every time we are there.
We also found this totally awesome tree down in the parking lot of all places! and played around in it for a good while.
They look totally engulfed by this tree! Well, duh of course they are silly, you know what I meant!
We also found the shuffleboard area, and Alisa squealed because she loves shuffleboard. Kevin was showing off his "moves" here though.
A really rad portrait.
There is that fab laugh!
Snuggling in the secret garden...
And then off to the towering trees!
Right as we were finishing up, Joel asked Alisa for her ring and grabbed this sweet shot of Alisa's magnificent engagement ring!
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