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Jen and Eric - Engagement in Philly

Thursday, May 8, 2008 - Engagements
Well the season is all of a sudden in full swing and we find ourselves bombarded with weddings, engagements and portraits! More yummy stuff for all of you blog followers to ogle at. We have several recent shoots to blog yet, and another wedding from last weekend, but I will get to those within the next few days. Our daily lives have been a bit hectic, and we are sorry if we aren't replying to emails or phone calls as quickly as we normally do. It's funny how all of a sudden as soon as that first wedding of the year hits, you are suddenly so busy you can't think straight! We surely love it and wouldn't have it any other way, just please be patient with us!

Anyway, I am rambling too much about the mundane stuff and not nearly enough about this fabulous couple - Jen and Eric. We first met with these two last August when they made the drive up from Philly (in rush hour!) to meet with us to see if we were a good fit for their wedding. Well we all hit it off from the start and we were so thrilled to do an engagement session with them in their city of Philadelphia. We will be photographing their wedding later this summer in downtown Philly and are waaay excited for it!

For their engagement session they just wanted to take a walk around town and just get what we found. Well we found a lot! We actually almost had to cancel this shoot as the rain literally followed us this day all the way down the turnpike. And I don't just mean rain, I mean huge dark forboding storm clouds! We were sure we were going to get down there and it was going to dump on us, but luckily, it only sprinkied for about 10 minutes or so and totally disappeared. It worked out beautifully for us.

So we ran around town with Jen and Eric, and found lots of well...spring! The pollen was so thick and heavy, and normally Joel and I don't have allergies too bad, but we were jinxed as Jen kept saying all afternoon, "It's a good thing none of us have allergies!" The entire way home in the car Joel and I were sneezing up a storm and felt like we had taken a pollen bath. It was totally everywhere. Jen and Eric were so into each other and so full of great expressions, it was hard not to get good shots. In fact, when they came in with their parents to view their photos last weekend, we all couldn't stop laughing about how many funny pictures of Eric we ended up getting. We just kept catching him making goofy faces. I didn't post a lot of them here (just one or two!) - we picked on him enough last weekend.

Jen and Eric! We loved working with you two and can not wait until your wedding this summer! Now, on to the photos and the mysterious meadow we found in downtown Philly...hmmm....

I think this first photo here is super sexy! What better way to start the session than thrusting our couple out into like 8 lanes of traffic near the Art Museum?
We took shelter in one of the sections of the art museum - it isn't at the main building but across the street - while it rained for a few minutes. These two were hot to trot off the start! :) AND they have matching flip flops!
Practicing their balance act, because Jen claims Eric has terrible balance - I think he did a good job here while Jen gave a great expression.
Gotta love urban.
This is one of Jen's favorites, they ended up ordering this as a canvas for their apartment! i love knowing our photos are going to go on walls! This was on a cool alley we found where every house door or garage door on the street was a different color, it was tres cool.
On the same street, we actually got permission to use these front steps! It just so happened that the owner of 2039 was walking out of his house just as we were ready to take a photo. Of course we kind of had to explain what we were doing...
Awesome fence at a many of you have seen those spikes they put on buildings to deter pigeons from landing? This church was covered with them and was a little creepy looking!
ooh, another piece of eye candy - this one is also a canvas Jen and Eric purchased pretty big for their home. I love it! Can you believe this was in the back of a parking lot?
Ah here is some of Eric's silliness. Jen said he looks like Popeye in this shot!
And the mysterious meadow - believe it or not, this is right next to route 76 - it's at the on ramp! We were giddy because we found this so cool spot in the middle of all of these buildings and huge highway...we got soooo many great shots in this spot. It was like our own private paradise for a few minutes.
Playing in the "meadow" - we were having some fun with the dandelions. I love this shot of Jen, she looks like she is trying to tempt you with the dandelion.
At the Art Museum at the end of our tour, we hopped some bushes and got some of the city in the background.
We all love this shot, it was the very last shot of the day and Eric spontaneously picked Jen up like this and bam! we both got it. This is Joel's shot which was the better from the both of us, and for you photogs out there, he nailed this quickly with the 85mm 1.2 - a very hard feat to accomplish!
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