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Alison and Robin

Sunday, March 2, 2008 - Engagements
Man, we've been having fun on our engagement shoots lately. Robin and Alison were in town doing a few wedding things and seeing family, so they figured while they were here they would get their engagement pics done. We walked from our gallery downtown randomly weaving back and forth through the streets alleys of Lancaster. The weather was a little cold, but we had a blast and I can't wait to shoot Alison and Robin's wedding later this year. Oh, and the cat? Yeah, I found him in the alley and handed him over to Robin and Alison to hold. Sorry about your coat Robin :)
:) the laundromat, why not? We were in a grocery store last week.
I promise, there is nothing subliminal in this picture, really.
For some reason this shot reminds me of Teletubby land. Maybe I am just watch too many kid shows..
Alison's shoes and gloves really added some great colors to the shoot.
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