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Ashley & Nate - Engagement

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - Engagements
Why don't we do more winter e-sessions? It's not for a lack of color. I guess it's the cold weather. Nah, not in Pennsylvania. I mean, when was the last time it even got below 0? Well, Ashley and Nate asked for it. They wanted a winter e-session and •gasp• a sunset/night time shoot! No problem. In fact that's when all of the color comes out in Lancaster. We had beautiful light and a pretty hip couple to catch it.

We took a little walk around Lancaster with Ashley and Nate starting at our gallery on Arch St. Laughter was not a problem between these two. We walked, talked, made up words, and had a pretty darn good time. Take a look at the pics and tell us what you think.
This shot cracks me up, because it's serious-ish but you can tell Ashley is about to bust up laughing at Nate. Have you noticed Nate kinda sports a Dane Cook resemblance?
For some reason this shot reminds me of "City of Angels", that movie with Nick Cage. Yeah, total chick flick, but I dug it.
Foot language :)
Ashley revealed her powers of levitation to a very unimpressed Nate.
A spontaneous piggy back ride.
Can you guess what day in May they are getting married?
All engagement sessions should have a fur trim coat.
Rita and I both had a different plan for this pizza shop stoop. Can you guess which one Rita shot and which one I did?
Who hasn't felt like this before? This shot reminds me of dating. It's like that last kiss of the night before you have to go home. Just a warm nostalgic feeling.
OK, after that last comment I need to talk about something manly. Football... erm, no. I don't watch football anymore, but trust me I am manly :) Grr
Nate got 7U all over his jacket in this shot, aw it was a mess. Ashley was smart enough to stand next to 7T.
Changing colored steel mesh courtesy of the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design on Prince St. in Lancaster.
I love the color in this shot. It's soo moody-neon-nightime-streety.
And one last shot. We had such a great time on this shoot guys. Thanks for the opportunity to take these shots for you.
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