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Corrie and Jamie - Engagement

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - Engagements
Sunday's 2nd engagement session was with another one of our couples for next year, Corrie and Jamie. They decided a trip to Gettysburg would be great for their engagement session - they have made several trips there and just really like the area. So after driving around for what seemed like forever to find a parking spot (Gettysburg on a Sunday is BUSY!) - we were able to run around town and get some fun shots. At the end of the session, we went into the cool movie theatre, and of course, one of our mottos - "Ask for forgiveness, not permission!" Well we ended up biting that and had to do both! We asked if we could shoot in their when we arrived, and the woman was very nice and told us to go is a pretty historic place, and when we went into the theatre (not the movie theatre, the peformance theatre, this place had both!) - we wanted to go up on stage. We didn't see any steps to get up, so we just crawled up on stage - and - the shot was there, I had Jamie and Corrie all set up and was ready to click and then a "Excuse me! You can't be up there!" - Shucks! Caught in the act. We had to get down off the stage and got a stern warning from the woman that had let us in. Oh well, at least we tried!
Had to work a little bit of fall flava' into a shot or two - I hijacked this pumpkin for a sweet ring shot!
My favorite from the day...there was a cool old diner across from some train tracks.
Another ring shot! I just realized we have two - this one is Joel's...
At least the theatre wasn't a total bust! We got some shots off before we got in trouble...

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