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Alli and Shaun - Engagement

Monday, October 22, 2007 - Engagements
Sunday morning we woke up bright and early ready to go play with Alli and Shaun. We had a bit of an advantage when we showed up to photograph these two, as Alli has been a bridesmaid at two of our past weddings. She was still nervous, and her fiance Shaun was also - as he is a graphic designer and photographer. He wasn't used to being on the other side of the camera. That certainly didn't deter us and we soon had them at ease, and walked around Lancaster.

We played on the bleachers, climbed many steps, saw flying balloons, sat under dumptrucks (sort of), photographed garbage, and had Shaun performing acrobatics. We even found some inappropriate graffiti, but that shot is not bloggable! Alli and Shaun found all of this to be a great and hilarious time, and you just have to meet them to know that it all fit their personalities. Thank you both for being so totally you!

I know you guys will love these shots as much as we do - thanks for a great time!
I love the contrast in this shot.
Yes, Shaun is kissing her nose! The first of many nose jokes for the rest of the shoot...
I love this one too! We have only used this bridge once before for a shoot, and we were dying to get back to it! I am so glad we did...
Here's the garbage I was talking about...not the ring silly, that was Alli's bling...but the car freshener...Joel found it in the parking lot
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