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A surprise proposal - captured!

Thursday, September 27, 2007 - Engagements
Wednesday evening we had the pleasure of being present for a very special event. Joel's brother Mike, proposed to his lovely girlfriend Nicole. Mike and Joel had been planning this for weeks now - we were all so nervous, I don't know who was the most! Mike, Joel or me! Mike made dinner reservations at Carr's Restaurant, here in Lancaster, and we were supposed to "wait in the wings" to pop out at the right moment to capture everything. It was totally nerve-racking! Mike texted Joel with the exact time we were supposed to come in and he would pop the question - 7:55 PM. We waited out in the car, then went in and waited at the bar at Carr's, hoping Nicole wouldn't see us. They were seated in the back so there wasn't any chance that she would, although we did have a close call when she went to the bathroom. Anyway, it all went off perfectly...

Joel's iPhone showing the text exchanges between him and Mike - I swear they were like schoolgirls planning this thing all week...
The reservation on the books at Carr's.
Ah, the moment! Nicole kept on asking, "What are you guys doing here?"

Oh, and did I mention we were ALL crying at this moment? I was stifling sobs behind my camera and Joel said he was shaking so bad he could barely hold the camera!! We are total saps...
And a bellowing "Yes!"

They are soooo cute together. I am totally looking forward to having my first Sister in Law!
Carr's is right in Central Market downtown, one of our favorite places to shoot - we did a couple quick photos outside...
I loooove this one.
Happy lovebirds! Congratulations you two - we can't wait to help plan the wedding! Love ya lots!
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