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Angela and Kurt - Engagement

Monday, September 10, 2007 - Engagements
Saturday we actually didn't have a wedding! wow! Well we still worked a bit in the afternoon - Angela scheduled her engagement session with us earlier this year for Saturday, and wouldn't you know it turns out to be one of the hottest, stickiest days of the year? It was 94 degrees when we got out of the car at Angela's parent's house Saturday afternoon, and we were outside for 3 hours shooting! Although the weather was miserable, we didn't let it show in the photos and kept reassuring Angela and Kurt that we could work some magic and make sure they wouldn't look sweaty in the final photos. My phenomenally talented husband worked the Wiebner magic and the shots look amazing as usual!

Angela and Kurt are one of our couples for next year, and we hiked around her parents property in the Ephrata area and found some great spots for their session. The cutest thing was their dog Vinnie (short for Vin Diesel, hehe) - who is only 5 pounds and followed us around everywhere! You will see him below!

Here's Vinnie, trying to stay as close to Angela as he could. He is soooo cute!
Along the pond, there were some rad cattails growing so of course we had to put them in it. We love putting our couples in "stuff".
hahahahaahhahhahah! Sorry I had to do this. I was trying to set up the next shot of Angela and Kurt and Vinnie kept on coming into the photo. Joel grabbed him and ran! I got this as he was running by and I just lost it; that poor dog looks like Joel is going to have him for supper! (sooo, just kidding! but that's funny isn't it?)
Kurt whispering in Angela's ear, making her giggle...
Beautiful,beautiful window light inside one of the buildings.
Scaffolding? Sure, why not? Angela's parents are doing construction all around the property, so there were plenty of things to play on.
In the apple trees we found some sweet flare.
And out in the deer pasture we had some fun. Yes, I said deer. Angela's family have about 20 that they have a HUGE pasture for.
My favorite shot of the day!!
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