Jen and Mike - Engagement Session - Sun. Nov. 5th

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 - Engagements
Day 2 of marathon weekend. We started super early - 7 AM to be exact - with Jen and Mike at Jen's grandparent's farm in Strasburg. We wanted to get an early start to get that super cool early morning light and frost and all that good stuff. It was well worth it! Jen and Mike were up for anything and we had them all over the farm. There were some pretty funny experiences with some of the animals (see next post) - and we had the cows watching us as well as Jen's donkey, Jesse, trying to keep us from doing our job. We even found this totally cool room inside the barn, that held a ton of firewood and we got Jen and Mike to crawl down in it. Jen even had knee surgery just a few weeks ago! She was such a trooper. Thanks guys SO much for the fun morning - it started the day off great!