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Megan and Jonathan and Bunches of cool stuff!
Alisa and Kevin Enjoying Some Hershey Kisses
Red and White and in Love all over - Maria and Rob
2 dogs + 2 People, Christine & Scott's Engagement!
Go Penn State! Meredith and Mike's Engagement
Jen and Eric - Engagement in Philly
Spring in NYC with Rebecca and Akshay
Alison and Robin
Ashley & Nate - Engagement
Corrie and Jamie - Engagement
Alli and Shaun - Engagement
A surprise proposal - captured!
Angela and Kurt - Engagement
Angela and Ryan - Engagement - August 14th
Amy and Kyle - Engagement - July 9th
Courtney and Evan - Engagement - July 9th
Ryan and Deanne - Engagement - July 6th
Megan and Matt - Engagement - June 27th
Sandra and Matt - Engagement - June 24th
Brooke and Nick - Engagement June 24th
A CoinkyDink?
Teri and Shane - Engagement
Mary and Dave - Engagement Session - Dec. 10th
Stacy and Michael's Engagement
Jillian and Ryan - Engagement Session - Sun. 19th
Nicole and Jason - Engagement Session - Sun. 19th
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