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Bekke and Greg's Engagement SessionBekke and Greg's Engagement Session
Christina & Nate's Engagement at Nissley Vineyards
Anne and Craig's Engagement Session
Emily & Jeremy - Naval Yards and Downtown Philadelphia
Toni & Bobby. Fire escapes and Funny Faces.
Mandy & Greg at the farm
Shelly & Brian's Engagement Session at Home
Downtown Lancaster Engagement - Megan & Harry from NJ!
Kurstan & Shawn, goofing around with their Boxers in Lancaster!
Adria & Alex from NYC to Lancaster! Engagement Session
Samantha & Tyler in another downtown Lancaster Engagement Session
Downtown Lancaster Engagement Session! Erika & Brian & too many books!
Kim & Armand and the doggie, holey, leaf fight
Some new spots downtown, with Amber & Ben
Kristen and Doug's fall vineyard e-session!
Silliness with Emily and Matt
Maria and Chad and a warehouse
Kim and Jason - Oh the places we will go!
Jen & Dave - An InfraRed Engagement Session
Sarah and Dave Frolicking in the Park
Brittaney and Scott - The River, A Shack, and some Limestone
Alissa & Brian - Spring in Central Park!
Shannon and Bill and the train and trespassing
Snow, Drizzle, Clouds and Sun! Erica and Tom had it all.
Brad & Christina walkin' around downtown
Lindsey and Brad and the cccooooolldd day!
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