Heidi & Dave...and that hat.

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - "Just Because" Portraits
Heidi and Dave are a super cool couple who won one of the free portrait sessions from our grand opening last summer. Even though they have a bunch o kids, they wanted to do a session of just them. I thought that was great! Most parents wouldn't think it was important to have photos of them, they always think of the kids first. Heidi said they have a ton of photos of the kids (Dave likes photography so he takes a lot of the kids himself) so they thought it was time to have some special shots of just them. They were a riot! Heidi brought along this black and white hat, and while she loved it, Dave wasn't that crazy about it. So we did a bunch of shots with and without it. Of course, the shot that they loved the best, that they got enlarged for a canvas in their room, has the hat in it! :)

We did a downtown session with them and took a walk in a new direction, so of course we found some great new spots. We even ended up in a cemetary. :) I always say, downtown Lancaster has soooo much character, I absolutely love living downtown! You can see by all of the great textures and colors we found...