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Some family portraits...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - "Just Because" Portraits
Hey all - just wanted to let you know that we had a great time taking some family photos today. Our friend Leslie from Sullivan Studios asked us to take some family shots for her to use for her new web site. Of course we said no problem and met up at the park today to have some fun. Unfortunately her youngest son was starting to get a cold, so he wasn't too happy for some of the shots, but we managed to get some smiles from him! We had fun playing around with Leslie and her family - enjoy!

This is where Braden was starting to get a bit unhappy. I know I'm horrible, but I just love this shot, cause he is all crying his head off and his dad and brother are just playing away in the background.
This one was just too funny! Braden was so hot (it was miserably humid today) so Leslie took his shirt off for him to cool off. He was happier without it on, so we just left it off. In this shot, he was loving the crabapples, and at this particular moment he had just beaned his dad in the head with one!
A good laugh after the apple beaning!
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