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Making the park...Interesting

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - "Just Because" Portraits do you keep a park interesting? Seriously? Parks are nice and they are always great to go to for some nice trees and grass. But for creative minded people such as us - it can be - well challenging. Because you know, there are just trees and grass. :) Well, we always like a creative challenge, and for this family shoot for Dave from Infinet Design, we really wanted to make their socks rock! Dave and his wife Cathy love the outdoors, so we went to one of our local parks and although we have photographed in this spot many times before - we wanted to show this family for what they really were! A ton of fun! We literally stayed in a spot of a few hundred yards for this entire hour and a half shoot. I am so thrilled and pleased with the results! Sometimes it's really great to just simplify the situation and make the most out of backgrounds using the people that you have in front of you. Looking for unique expressions and interactions is key to making a scenario like this work.

We knew Dave and Cathy were a little nervous about the shoot, as this was the first time we had photographed them, and they were worried how Ethan, their 18 month old would be for us. But we literally didn't give them much direction at all and just let them play in the trees and grass as if they were just out on a family outing to the park. Ethan was so funny because he would yell for his "momma" every time she was out of sight! He is such a little momma's boy - even when Dave tried to hold him for some shots Ethan would yell at him and reach out for Cathy. Oh those opinionated toddlers! We are just so tickled with how these shots turned out - seriously Joel is tickling me right now! :) - just kidding - but we loved our little session with these guys - can't wait to photograph you all again!

This was Ethan's look for most of the shoot - he would wrinkle up his nose all funny like and show his teeth to us - he looked like a little growling bear! And super Kate in the background, she was dainty and princess like in her super cute little dress. It's funny too, cause we found out how Dave and Cathy didn't want her to be a princess type little girl - and now she is and they love it!
Here's the family together in the grass - I loved their colors - they all coordinated with Kate's dress which was white, pink, yellow and green. This is portrait session color coordination at it's best!
Mr. Ethan getting some tickles from moms and pops.
I remember he was trying to show me something but I don't know what - made for a cute shot though!
While I was busy with Ethan, Joel snagged Miss Kate in the grass.
We found some props, which were good for a few shots...
And of course finding things in nature always makes for good photos - Kate found this caterpillar and it was the source of much excitement during the shoot.
The whole family was helping Mr. Caterpillar back to his home.
I love this shot of Cathy and Ethan! He was just sooo cute!
Getting out in the open a little more, I asked them to chase each other around a bit to get some action going on.
This is one of my faves!
But this one is my ultimate fave from the session!!!! Just love it!
Kids dancing under the trees, what could be better?
Cathy sits and watches her two little ones enjoying each other.
Dave tried to sneak some mommy and daddy time in while we kept the kids busy - Kate didn't want to have anything to do with that! She immediately marched over and broke up the snuggle fest!
Yes, this is Ethan's nose.
Just a super cute portrait of Kate.
And at the end of family time we broke out the bubbles! Ethan was all for that!
Dave and Cathy also wanted a few portraits of just the two of them, so while Cathy's parents took the kids and kept them busy, we were able to do some adult alone time. :) I love this one, they kept laughing at us for making them become "one with the tree" - the shot worked out though, didn't it? :)
I told you they were laughing at us.
An uber serious Dave - which is quite the contrary to his normal personality. He is quite the goofball, which is a perfect match for us!
Woohoo! Makin' out at the picnic table! Quick before the kids see!
In a tree again, this time they had to work for this shot. We found this cool tree with a lower branch and had these two climb into it and play around for us. How can you play in a tree - very easily!
Such an awesome shot, they just look so....together. Happily content.
And one last shot in the trees! Thanks so much guys for such an awesome session!
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