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The Murray Kids

Monday, December 17, 2007 - "Just Because" Portraits
Saturday we had the extreme pleasure of doing a spur-of-the-moment photo session for our graphic designer - we have photographed his family before, but Nate now wanted some casual shots of the kids around the house. So we headed over there Saturday afternoon for some play time.

Nate first bought us a totally awesome lunch, from Rob's Burritos - (located in York) - they were sooo yummy, and a great way to start out a session! We then went and played upstairs with Noah and Alyssa, or Issy, as she calls herself :) - Joel hung out with Noah and Nate in Noah's room, and I went with Alyssa and Rene (Nate's wife) in Alyssa's room. Joel played cars, I played dress up dolls - and then we all tumbled downstairs. Nate set up a big race car track in the living room, and we raced some cars, bounced on the sofa, and made some silly faces. These are of course our favorite kinds of shoots (who wouldn't want to play for an hour or two??), and we think we got some pretty sweet results. We hope you can tell how much fun we had!


Alyssa started out wanting to play with Noah's trains, and she was just sooo adorable I could hardly stand it!
This is one of my favorite shots of the day. Alyssa was sticking her tongue out at Joel, as Nate looks on and Rene peeks in through the door. :)
Noah sendin' the cars a flyin'!
Over in Alyssa's room, Rene and I were getting the giggles out of her.
While Nate and Noah were in a fierce competition of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.
Alyssa had to take me for a pony ride in the hall. Another one of my faves...
And then it was on to the steps where silly faces and hugs and kissed occurred...
Noah is super handsome and is going to have some lady trouble when he gets older...look out Nate and Rene!
More silliness on the sofa.
And look out stinky piggy toes coming out!
Race car action - zzzzooommmm!
Alyssa made the best faces (so did Noah, but Alyssa still has that baby cute going on) - anyway, when we would tell Alyssa "Don't smile!" she would make this super huge cheez-ola grin! It was so funny!
Noah pretending to take five...seconds later he was back up and runnin'!
Now the fun with the Santa hat.
These kids were just so expressive, they were a dream to work with! Noah kept making this face when he would take the hat off...
He looks like Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone.
Joel was the culprit with this one...he kept telling Alyssa to turn the volume up, and then Rene was like, "Nate she's pushing buttons!" and Joel giggled and said it was his fault - busted!
Total tippy toes, Alyssa could barely reach the drawer to get her chapstick.
Noah veggin at the end of the session on dad's computer. Thanks so much for a great shoot guys!
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