Vegas Baby! - Cat and Adi from Next Exit Photography

Monday, April 2, 2007 - "Just Because" Portraits
We have been talking with Cat and Adi for several months now online, but on Monday (the 26th) while in Vegas was the first we actually got to meet them, and then photograph them right away! They wanted us to take some shots of them cause they really enjoy our work, so Joel and I obliged and had a mini-session go on in the alleys behind the hotel! We had a great time with these two and we all became fast friends - you will see more of them as the week progresses - we got to hang out a lot! Love you guys!

- Rita

PS. Cat and Adi also took some FUN photos of us - a first for these two Wiebners, as we aren't used to being on the other side of the camera! Stay tuned for them as well, they will make an appearance here on the blog soon!