Brock, Becca, and Abby at the Park

Monday, September 12, 2011 - Brock and Becca

Well it was about time! We haven't photographed little Abby since she was a newborn, even though we have been pesting and pesting Brock and Becca to let us take her photos again. :) Brock is a pretty good photographer himself (he just does if for family and friends though) and has been taking some really great photos of Abby. They wanted to have some of the 3 of them, so that's where we come in! We are pleased as punch that we get to photograph them again! Abby is getting so big, and she is a serious one. We had to yank the smiles out of her, but we managed to get a few. It didn't matter though, cause she is just so darn cute. You can see we had some fun at the park.